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Liquid acrylic adhesive

Liquid acrylic

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Super-character Single-component UV gel

Specification for MMA Monomer Polymerization Reaction Acrylic Glue

I. Product Feature

● The odor of this product is less, and it is non-toxic basically and easy to use;
●This product is not controlled by the temperature and solidified for 60 minutes by UV light at 10-55℃.
●This product can be resistant to the low temperature of -30℃and to high temperature of 100℃, and it has good light permeability, anti-yellowing and cracking resistance performance.
II. Product Index

Appearance Viscosity cps Curing condition Shore D
Heat resistance temperature g/cm³
Density g/cm³
Milky white
5000~20000 UV illumination
60 minutes
75 ﹣30
~ 100
III. Proportion of color paste

Super glue Colorless White
Color Red Yellow Blue Green White
Additive proportion (‰) 0.15% 0.1% 0.2% 0.15% ~
Curing time (minute) 90 120 60 60 60

Note: One point should be made than white air hole when the back air hole of the super-character with other color is made.
IV. Basic manufacturing procedure
Make character model―Painting―Installing lamp―Fill glue―Demoulding ―Inspection ― Deliver

V. Use of metal sideband
The single-component glue may be used for all the sectional materials: including aluminum side band, stainless steel side band and fiber character model.
VI. Description and storage of this product
The single-component liquid acrylic glue shall be kept in dark place and stored below 30 ℃.
VII. Algorithm of dosage of acrylic glue

Area of character *thickness of poured acrylic glue * density of acrylic glue (1,200kg/m³) =Weight of the required acrylic glue

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