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UV Curing Platform

Liquid acrylic curing equipment XJW3000

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Product features:

1. the king of performance-to-price ratio, simple design, 20% power reduction compared with XK3000, low energy consumption, lower maintenance cost and lower mechanical failure rate.

2. Lid design, safer to use, more efficient and simple to operate.

3. Button switch operation is simple, fast, practical and saves complex setting steps.

4. The machine has the advantages of large volume, light weight, sufficient space, ingenious shape design and convenient movement.

5. The machine can be disassembled and packed, so the machine can enter and leave the workshop more flexibly.

6. Large-size working interface, which facilitates mass production and greatly improves production capacity and efficiency.


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whatsapp: 8618926898563

Phone: 8618926898563

Tel: +86 0769-83203199

Email: zl004@zhuoyishiye.com

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