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3D Letter Printer

Luminous word 3D Printer FX8008

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Product features:

1. The chassis is placed at the bottom, which is small in size and occupies small space. 

2. Black and white collocation design, simple and generous appearance. 

3. The workbench adopts 360-degree visibility design to view the printing situation from multiple angles. 

4. Removable rack for easy refueling. 

5. The upgraded leveling device is more user-friendly and easy to operate. 

6. Automatic color change function without modeling. 

7. High-power heating bed printing is more efficient. 

8. Preview the printed content. 

9. 800x800mm has a large printing area.

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whatsapp: 8618926898563

Phone: 8618926898563

Tel: +86 0769-83203199

Email: zl004@zhuoyishiye.com

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