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Filling Glue Machine XK-130
Filling Glue Machine XK-130
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Specification parameter of product


XY 1000 pouring-glue machine

Machine size

80*45 *110cm (Length * Width * Weight)

Dosage of glue-pouring


Clean the barrel


Capacity of charging basket


The power supply voltage


Air pressure

4hpa(we usually use KG)



Advantages of XK Single-component Pouring Glue Machine: 

It is a pouring glue machine which has the automatic washing function, high precision and 

high efficiency. 

1.Gear-type pouring glue: the dosage of the extrusion of the glue may be up to 15g/s, and

 it has very high efficiency. 

2.Automatic washing equipment: it is easy to clean and not easy be blocked by the glue. 

3. Fully intelligent operation display system: the dosage of the glue for 15 characters may 

be set every time in order to save time of the pouring glue. 

4. Environmental protection: This machine is equipped with a fully enclosed pouring-glue 

barrel and there are any smells while pouring glue. 

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