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Super Character Curing Platform XK1215
Super Character Curing Platform XK1215
  • Super Character Curing Platform XK1215
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  • No.:XK1215
  • Product size:1.73M*1.65M*1.2M
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Introduction on Zhuoli Super Character Curing Platform XK1215

The Zhuoli Super Character Curing Platform is an intelligent platform which is independently researched and developed and innovatively manufactured by the Machinery and Equipment Business Department of Dongguan Zhuoyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd., and which may be operated under the conditions of the full automation. It uses a simple and elegant design style and has an intelligent operation display screen. It needs only to be operated by one key and very easy, and a foolproof operation mode may be achieved truly. 


Zhuoli Super Character Intelligent Light Curing Platform

Machine type



Glass size



Working size



Boundary size

2.87M*1.65M*1.2M (Length*Width*Height)

1.73M*1.65M*1.2M (Length*Width*Height)

Working air pressure



Supply voltage



Operating current



Product application

Advantages of curing platform
Respond to call of the Government’s environmental protection and fulfill our duty on the environment protection and to society. Zhuoyi new curing platform will escort for you. 

1、The environmental friendly and odorless design may reduce smells of emissions arising from the operation, make workers feel more secure at the time of working, reduce losses arising from the flow of skilled workers, enhance the product yield, guarantee the product quality, make the surrounding neighbors suffer from the less troubles and make less complaints. 

2、The more optimized design may lower 30% of energy consumption and may select the solidifying area, make staff more comfortable at the time of plate-making. 

3、Flip-style design: The platform may be used more safely, operated efficiently, easy to use, and has lower maintenance costs and less failure rate of machinery, thus saving resource costs. 

4、The built-in operation display screen may be transported more safely, thus save the placement space. 

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