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What are the factors that determine the quality of advertising words?

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After learning about the categories of luminous words, do you know what factors determine the quality of the production of luminous words? Generally speaking, we can judge from the following five aspects.

1、Construction structure

Select materials with good quality and visual effect. If it is not allowed on the construction site, everything is in vain, so it is necessary to determine whether the materials can be constructed normally, so as not to cause trouble for subsequent repair work.

2、Visual expression

The production of light-emitting character sign is to publicize the shop. If it is only based on the cheap, the finished sign may not achieve good publicity effect, which can't attract people's attention. What kind of style do you want, you need to select materials according to the corresponding style, such as highlighting traditional culture or honest style, you can choose stone, wood and other raw materials. Or choose a near color sign.

3、Duration of application

Some signboards may only be used for a short time, while most of them need to be used for a long time. At this moment, the service life of materials should be considered critically. If they are only temporary, the general materials can be satisfied. If they are used for a long time, they should be more stable in the selection of materials. On the premise of cost control, they should try to choose high-quality materials and make suggestions It can be made by 3D printing, because the material used is environmental friendly, it can resist cracking and yellowing, and the cost is relatively low. If you choose the iron shell, rusting will affect the appearance, wood will be easy to crack.

4、Place of use

According to different buildings, different places and other elements, signs can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Outdoor signboards are exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. The selection of materials is to fully consider the process and quality, as well as the elements of the surrounding application environment. Therefore, the consumables for 3D printing of luminous characters are also divided into two categories: indoor materials and outdoor materials.

5、Repair cost

We can't blindly look for visual effects and ignore the cost of materials. Therefore, we should consider the cost of later repair while considering the needs of customers. After all, the time used is not two days a day. Choose new technology, so as to save cost for customers on the premise of ensuring quality.

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