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What are the categories of luminescent words?

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When night falls, the words of the street light up, which is a common sight for us. The luminous words make the logo more human-oriented, which can play an important role in propaganda for enterprises, stores, exhibitions and exhibitions. If you have ever watched carefully, you will find that these luminous words are not the same as each other. Today we will recognize the common categories of luminous words.

1、Double glow word

It is made of acrylic plate, mirror stainless steel and led. The visual effect is good, the use time can be long, the production process is more troublesome, the cost is relatively large, so the price is relatively expensive.

2、Resin glow word

The light-emitting effect of resin light-emitting words is relatively uniform and bright, which is favored by people. Resin glue and acrylic board are needed. The shell can be made of iron, but the cost is relatively high, and it can also be printed with the luminous 3D printer, so the cost is greatly reduced. The service life is also relatively long. If the character shell bent out of iron sheet is used, it will not look good if it is rusted after a long time of wind, sun and rain.

3、Lamp box character

This is the most common type of iron light box. It gives people a sense of metal and acrylic beauty. It is also outdoors. Rusting will affect the beauty. Therefore, the word shell for this kind of word can be made by 3D printing of luminous characters.

4、Punch glow word

The light source of punched light-emitting words is not blocked by objects, so the brightness is very strong, which is the best choice for high-rise large-scale advertising words, but it is not suitable to be used as a billboard for close viewing.

5、Borderless glow word

It is composed of three parts: front, surround and light source. It has the advantages of smooth surface, uniform light, strong three-dimensional sense and bright color.

6、Plastic absorbing character

It has the characteristics of colorful and durable. It has a strong visual impact whether in the daytime or at night.

7、Trihedral luminous character

Three sided light-emitting characters, also known as general light-emitting characters, are composed of edge strips, LED lights, panels, floor plates, etc., with the characteristics of impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high strength, etc. In terms of production, it's relatively simple to use a 3D printer with light-emitting characters, which can be printed out together with the baseboard.

8、Led back light words

The light is soft and eye-catching, the effect of day and night is OK, and the LED light is more energy-saving and environmental protection.

9、Bulb type

A retro craft light-emitting character, generally composed of a metal base and a binding, and the light source is a spherical or tungsten filament lamp, which may be dazzling.

10、Neon tube character

Because of its cold cathode characteristics, neon light can adapt to different environments, and it is not limited by the climate when it is used. Moreover, neon light has a strong penetration.

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