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Epoxy resin word glue is suitable for making luminous resin word

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Epoxy resin glue can be used in a wide range, can be used to make the resin words of the advertising luminous words, can also be used in wood, wood furniture, can also be used to make some crafts, such as pendants, bracelets and so on.

Epoxy resin glue, also known as AB glue, is a two-component glue, a glue is resin glue, B glue is curing agent, all of which have passed SGS and ROHS testing and certification. Through environmental protection certification, it has good yellow resistance, good defoaming performance and strong adhesion, and is the first choice of high-end chain brand luminous characters.

It has the function of automatic leveling, and the operation is relatively simple. The color can be adjusted according to the color you like to make more personalized glow words. Let's see the finished luminous characters.

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