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Advantage of 3D word shell printer (Zhuo Li)

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Advantages of LJ6040/LJ6060 fiber character module machine:

3D Industrial fiber character module machine with high speed and high precision and with the useful service for five years

1.Use of architecture of industrial machine: the workbench does not need to be lifted. Only the flatness of the platform needs to be adjusted for locking as long as when using a new machine. There is no dislocation for the printing all the year round and this reduces the risk of the product quality problems.

2.General lifting architecture design of single Z-axis with the level of industrial automation machine: In the case of citing a principle of single point lifting for screw rod and straight line as well as sliding block and making the service life, precision, platform perpendicularity, load capacity and manufacturing costs achieve high standards, there are no any dislocation layers on the surface of character module arising from the use of the workbench all the year round. 

3.Its consumables have reached a standard of the zero loss, with low cost, full automation, system stability and easy operation, so as to realize the integration processing of the character module and base plate; this machine has a powerful function and low failure rate, which may print two or more color with the same character module and has diversified products.

4.Environmental protection: This machine is made of the environmental protection materials, without pollution and with free paint treatment. 

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